About Kevin

Kevin McCormack is a man who has journeyed for several decades, and it is safe to say that he has, by now, most definitely arrived. He is a highly regarded teacher of mindfulness & meditation, a celebrated writer, an accomplished performer, and an accredited family celebrant. A man of diverse abilities, Kevin carries within him a wealth of knowledge, experience and capacity which he has gathered over a lifetime of adversity, endeavour and enterprise.
Kevin McCormack truly is a man of many talents, and it is fortunate for us all that he chooses to not let them go to waste. As a creative, he has pushed boundaries, united communities and created opportunities for others to shine and grow.
In his time as a professional actor, he delivered award winning performances across all genres of theatre, and his work in film includes acting performances opposite industry heavy hitters such as Colin Farrell, Michael Madsen, Jonathan Pryce and Michiel Huisman.
An early school leaver of the 1980’s, Kevin returned to education in his forties, graduating from University College Cork with a Higher Diploma in Coaching & Coaching Psychology.
He shares his talents and insights with the world in creative, empathic and enlightening ways, and his ability to encapsulate human emotion in his creative work, has resulted in people from all over the world reaching out to him.
During the early stages of the Corona Virus Pandemic in 2020, Kevin improvised, and adapted to the lockdown lifestyle readily; undertaking a number of personal projects which included producing his podcast – This Fruitful Mind. It was during this challenging time for humanity as a whole that Kevin began to share his spoken-word performances of his poetry – a sharing which would ultimately lead to the publication of his first poetry collection, ‘Verses Versus Verses’ – a collection which includes his inspirational masterpiece ‘If This Time’.
Kevin’s purpose in life, (his ‘mission’, if you will), is to continue to use his creative abilities as a writer and performer, and his insight as a teacher of mindfulness & meditation, to encourage and inspire everyone he connects with – whether it be in person, online, over coffee or across the universe.