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“Kevin’s coaching style is conversational and easy going yet frank. His ultimate skill lies in subtly bringing you from where you are now, to where you want to be. His honesty and humour are an absolute breath of fresh airmy sessions with him were always the highlight of my week!” – Anne

Whether you are seeking Personal Coaching, or an informative and fulfilling Mindfulness & Meditation Course, your search ends here.

Personal Coaching

Maybe it’s time for you to finally get unstuck? Over the course of your life, you’ve bought dozens of books from all the go-to gurus, and here you are now, with a book case that’s almost as crammed with transformational books as your mind is with negative thinking and disruptive, self-sabotaging patterns. Perhaps you’re realising now that your quest has been more about shelf-development than self-development?

Of course, real change begins with identifying where you, as the unique individual you are, is truthfully starting from, and establishing exactly where you, again as the unique individual you are, needs to be, and NOT where a ‘best selling book’ presumes where you’re ‘at right now’ or what your ‘destiny’ is. Having been very much ‘through the mill’ himself, Kevin fully understands what’s needed to create lasting shifts in mindset and outlook – he has developed his own empathetic, exploratory coaching approach, – an approach built on solid psychological models. Contact Kevin today, without obligation, to see if he is the right fit for you.

Mindfulness & Meditation

Kevin has established himself as a Mindfulness & Meditation teacher of note. His workshops and courses attract participants of all ages, and from all walks of life. His approach to his teaching is as entertaining as is it enlightening, as he draws from over thirty years of performance experience to ensure that when he teaches what many people believe to be ‘a bit on the deep side’ or ‘a bit out there’; it is accessible in the moment, and more importantly, applicable long after your time with him is passed. As with all great teachers of any method, technique or ‘way’, Kevin is a daily practitioner of what he teaches, and he knows all too well the challenges we face when trying to grow our self-awareness in a compassionate and non-judgemental way.

“I attended Kevin’s ‘Ten Tools for Mindful Living’ workshop. Although I had been looking into it, I had never really practiced mindfulness. Kevin listened to what I needed, and advised me on how to work through some of my own personal stumbling blocks. The day was lovely and relaxed ending with a guided meditation. I am very pleased to say I have incorporated some of these tools into my daily life, and am much more content within myself. Look forward to attending another In the near future. Kevin is very relatable and open about his own journey, which I always feel is a great way to teach others.” 

Michelle – Course Participant

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